Bromyard Chamber Meeting March 2014

The March meeting of the Chamber of Commerce covered routine financial and administrative issues with three main areas for discussion:

1. Christmas Lights

The meeting was attended by Cllr Phil Bettington from Ledbury who was keen to learn how Bromyard ran its Christmas Lights operation to see if lessons could be learned for Ledbury.

It emerged that the big advantage held by Bromyard was that the Chamber owns its own lighting equipment and the installation is carried out entirely by volunteers. Ledbury, on the other hand, hired its lights and paid contractors for installation and maintenance.

2. Chamber of Commerce Website

A presentation was made of the plans for development of the Chamber’s new website.

It was agreed that there would be three elements to the site:

  • An explanation of the Chambers mission, its history and an archive of documents to illustrate its activities.
  • Information on Bromyard to inform visitors of the many great reasons for coming here.
  • A directory of Bromyard businesses including High Street retailers and other employers in the town and surrounding villages.

3. Dog Fouling

The ongoing issue of dog fouling was raised again and it was agreed that a request be made to the Town Council to see what action could be taken to alleviate the problem.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd April 2014.

One thought on “Bromyard Chamber Meeting March 2014

  1. Congratulations on getting the website started. Let’s hope it brings success to Bromyard and its businesses.

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