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A little bit of history

Few things surprise anyone today but: In June 1885 there is a mention in the Bromyard News of local tradespeople getting together to discuss the need for early closing. The paper reported that ‘in the opinion of this meeting the hours of business in this town are unnecessarily long and that they might be shortened with moral and physical advantage to the tradesmen and assistants with no pecuniary loss and very little, if any, inconvenience to the general public. It is proposed to close shops at 4 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon all the year round. Hours of closing on other evenings to remain at 8 o’clock and Saturdays at 10 o’clock... A committee of 5 persons to be formed for the purpose of carrying out the resolutions and the regulation of holidays generally and thoroughly advertising the same’. The Chamber appears to have been formed officially in 1938 and concerns then about buses and the parking of private cars seem somewhat familiar. Look out for more history in future editions.

Bromyard Tradsmen.JPG
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